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Writing #OwnVoices: Exploring Gender Identity and Sexuality

I did a guest post on Melissa A. Graham's blog that gives advice on writing LGBTQ+ characters and how I've explored writing them from my own voice. Here's a preview with a link at the bottom: I met Dill Werner several months ago through the 10min Novelist facebook page. We became critique partners and I quickly realized that there was something special with this one. Not just with their writing (which, let me tell you guys, you’ll want to remember their name!) but with them as a person. Through Dill’s platform on Twitter, I have witnessed hours of encouraging statements, calls to action, and a firm solidarity and love for the LGBTQ+ community. The latter is not only very prominent in their professional and personal life, but is also reflected quite masterfully in the writing I was privileged to get a peek at.    “It’s not as simple as labeling a character ‘bisexual’ and thinking they’ll be interested dating only male or female characters.”  Because of this, I