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Navigating the In-Between: Demisexuality in YA Lit

I wrote a guest post on demisexuality in YA for the Gay YA's Asexuality Awareness Week, 2016. Navigating the In-Between: Demisexuality in YA Lit by Dill Werner    I can only speak for one person when it comes to demisexuality—me. My experiences, my preferences, my sexuality,  me . Being a queer demisexual means that I fall somewhere along a spectrum within a spectrum along another spectrum. I am a demisexual floating in the asexual spectrum hunched under the queer umbrella. It’s…complicated.   Demisexuality is a very individual and emotionally-linked experience, which makes it difficult to draw out an exact description of what it is to be demi. Being demi means my sexual orientation falls somewhere between asexual and sexual. I feel sexual attraction but not in the same way sexual people do. Demis need a deep, emotional bond in order to experience sexual attraction toward another person. Keep in mind that sexual arousal and sexual attraction are not the same thing. A perso