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PitMad Success- I Have An Agent!

Today, I realized I would have to pull out of PitchWars but for the best reason possible. I was offered literary representation by Deidre Knight, senior agent and president of The Knight Agency . It was actually a result of my last and final submission of STATUS: POSITIVE on PitMad. After having written an Adult SF entry that made it into PitMad but didn't get any requests, I wasn't going to pitch S:P on the Twitter feed. At the last minute, I changed my mind. You never know who might be watching.

Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

Why, hello there. My name is Dill and I’m throwing a new manuscript into the ring for Pitch Wars 2016. I’m as eternal and ageless as the child-like Empress from The Neverending Story. So I’m really 30. Don’t tell anyone I admitted it. I stopped aging at 26...Are you buying that? No. Okay, moving on. I'm clearly a Slytherin, someone who values power and influence for all the right reasons. I write LGBT+ YA and Adult speculative fiction. In my previous position, I was a certified SafeZone ALLY. I  identify along the spectrum. Representing #ownvoices! I love helping people, watching them grow, and seeing their journeys regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. I'm a cheerleader. My B.A.s are in Creative Writing and German Language and Literature. Originally, I started off with over 8 years of Spanish experience before switching to German my freshman year of college. Languages have always been my thing, and I've picked up a few here more and there. This manuscrip

BAD BOY Review by Elliot Wake

Bad Boy by Elliot Wake My rating: 5 of 5 stars I honestly think I terrified the author himself when I told him I'd received a DRC in exchange for an honest review. No need to fear. It was well worth the heart-pounding Twitter exchanges, Mr. Wake. You get a solid "A+" with the expectation that there will be new and exciting works forthcoming from this very bad boy. Transgenderella, anyone? “Imperfection” has never felt so perfect. This novel really should have pulled my hair and spanked my ass if it was going to mind f**k me so hard. Damn, I loved it. BAD BOY is a tale of broken characters, broken promises, and anti-heroes/heroines that will leave you doubting who to trust and what to believe. Renard “Ren” Grant is a BAD BOY. That is, he doesn’t quite know how to be a boy. Currently, Ren is a trans YouTube star secretly working for the Black Iris underground vigilante group. He tracks down men who prey on women and 'convinces' them to change their ways. Thi