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17 Days Until The Big Wedding

We've tried to keep things for the wedding pretty locally owned, independent artists, and small business where we could. I'm all about supporting the Etsy sellers and the family run businesses. You help me. I'll help you. Let's do this. Then there's the big name wedding industry. It's a monster. It's greedy, nameless, and doesn't care about quality. It's all quantity. I made the decision early on that I was NOT going to go to any mass-market bridal stores like David's Bridal for my dress. The one time we did go there to look at dress shapes, the staff was rude. They handed me a magazine and left me to pick out four dresses while the consultant ran off for 20 minutes. Um, no. I wanted to talk to you about dress shapes and fabrics. Please come back. Also, she made rude comments to me about my partner being there. And the freaking manager said, "Oh, you can convince him of the price!" When I was trying to look at the designer on the tag.