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YALL Festival, Migraines, and getting your Brain Numbed

The YALL Festival is in Charleston this weekend. I was desperate to go and mingle with my favorite YA authors and/or future colleagues. That’s not going to happen.I have something called Chronic Migraine Syndrome. At first, it was having one or two migraines a month. Then, it turned into having three or more migraines a week. Luckily, I've been able to control them over the past three months with Sphenopalatine (SPG) Ganglion Blocks. I went from having migraines more than twice a week to none at all. It only took 30 minutes and I was fixed. It all depends on your migraine type and is usually reserved for the severest of the severe, but it is worth looking into. Nerve blocks are a magical thing. They numb the area of the brain the causes the migraines to happen. The method that was used with me can be seen at